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A cost effective and efficient approach for a new generation of solar dish Stirling plants based on storage and hybridization

Renewable energies represent a wide field upon which international research needs to be focused. The necessity has been envisaged by the BioStirling-4SKA Consortium and it has been supported by the synergies found with the large-scale international project SKA. The SKA antennas and reception centers constitute a continental scale sensor network. Aligned with the trend of renewable resources, the overall objective of the project is improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of the Stirling Dish systems, implementing a cost effective and efficient new generation of solar dish-Stirling plants based on hybridization and efficient storage at the industrial scale.

BioStirling-4SKA is a project to design and develop solar power generation systems, composed by dishes with Stirling engines, bio-hybrid energy collectors and efficient storage at the industrial scale. The system will be designed so that it can be scaled to support the SKA (Square Kilometer Array) power needs, guaranteeing 24/7 energy supply independently of weather conditions and supporting different power loads through modularity.

The demo plant will be installed in Moura with an expected average power usage of the SKA of around 100-150 kW. The plant will be tested in similar conditions of irradiance as those found in South Africa, in order to assess both the output in terms of generated power, and the material's resistance. Herdade da Contenda in Moura (Portugal) receives equivalent amounts of solar irradiance, while having the lowest levels of radio-frequency interference (RFI) in Europe, and will therefore be the test site for both BioStirling-4SKA and prototypes of SKA receivers.

The total cost of the project is more than 6 million Euros, being co-financed by the EU 7th Framework Programme in the area of Research, Development and testing of solar dish systems (). Project reference: 309028.

Duration: 3 years.

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Latest news:

10/03/2017 - BioStirling spot verification tests successfully completed

26/01/2017 - The BioStirling Energy Management System has been Installed

30/11/2016 - Extended the deadline for completion of the project BioStirling

29/09/2016 - Alener completes the Electrical Installation of the European project BioStirling

28/09/2016 - BioStirling-4SKA Plant Performance Video

14/09/2016 - Mirrors already installed in the BioStirling dish

09/08/2016 - The Steel Structure for the BioStirling Concentrator, already installed

14/07/2016 - Alener completes the Civil Works of the European project BioStirling

24/06/2016 - BioStirling-4SKA on Intersolar Munich 2016

05/11/2015 - Alener starts the Construction of the BioStirling plant in Contenda (Portugal)

03/06/2015 - BioStirling Dissemination Workshop EU-CHINA in London

05/03/2015 - BioStirling Mid Term Review in Brussels

03/07/2014 - BioStirling PMC meeting in Madrid

14/11/2013 - BioStirling Dissemination Workshop EU-CHINA in Dalian

17/06/2013 - BioStirling Kick off meeting

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  • Date: 10 Mar 2017