Self-consumption PV Installation 100 kW | Portillo Sevilla


Alener executes the project of supply and installation of Photovoltaic Plant of 100KW for self-consumption for the company Pan Portillo in Seville

The Pan Portillo company located in Seville has awarded Alener Solar S.L. the installation on the roof of its facilities a 100KW photovoltaic plant for self-consumption without surplus, according to R.D.L. 15/2018, of October 5, of urgent measures for the energetic transition and the protection of the consumers.

The project is part of the different measures of Energy Management signed by the company Pan Portillo and Alener Solar S.L, which have been carried out since 2014 in terms of savings and energy efficiency.

This action will be carried out, with an initial investment NULL by Pan Portillo, that is, Alener will execute this installation in the modality of banking Renting, which will be covered by the savings generated by the installation, leaving for our client a remnant of savings positive added.

The project was awarded on November 20 and the execution will begin in February 2019.